Can You Trust Muscle Testing on Yourself? Here’s What You Need to Know

Anastasia Chopelas
11 min readJun 21, 2024


Did you know you can use muscle testing on yourself to tap into your body’s hidden wisdom? In this podcast, Dr. Anastasia, reveals how muscle testing can reveal nutritional deficiencies, emotional blockages, and more. Discover the scientific basis behind this method, its shortcomings, when it is wise to use, and when to ignore the results. You’ll hear what you need to do to achieve the best results. With over 30 years of experience, Dr. Chopelas shares her journey, insightful research, and the practical applications and limitations of muscle testing.

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Ever wondered how to accurately tap into your body’s hidden wisdom? Today, I’ll reveal the benefits and shortcomings of muscle testing — a fascinating technique that can help you uncover nutritional deficiencies, emotional blockages, and more. Stay tuned to learn how this method works, its scientific basis, and what you can do to get the best results.

You’re listening to Dr. Anastasia Chopelas, the scientific healer, bridging the gap between science and spirituality, to help make you more effective and more money as a healer.

How I Learned About Muscle Testing

“I first discovered muscle testing about 30 years ago when I was seeking answers that traditional medicine couldn’t provide. I discovered it by chance when visiting my doctor in Germany, a traditional doctor but with naturopathic training. I had very high blood pressure even though I was a very lean, exercising, non-drinker or smoker, with a healthy diet.

My doctor ran a series of allergy tests on me with an electrical current device. She then tested various remedies using my right deltoid muscle, the shoulder muscle on my arm, by determining which made me strong or weak. She prescribed those that made me strong.

Hmmm. I didn’t know the body did this. I got very excited at the possibilities. I’m an experimentalist. When I got home, I got creative and started testing my reaction to various foods with a 5-kg weight, that’s 11 lbs. I’d lift it out sideways to see if I could or not bring my arm horizontal. I noticed that I always tested positive for foods I liked so I put the foods in numbered packets so I couldn’t influence the results. My results were consistent with the results my doctor got.

What Can You Learn by Muscle Testing

This really got me thinking about what else I could discover with muscle testing. For example, I’d retest myself every few days and found that I had a cyclical variation in my responses. And yes, these were monthly. Aha, hormones affect results.

I went to the store to test foods I didn’t have at home: I got a big bottle of water with a handle to use as a weight (looks less funny than me carrying a dumbbell around, in California probably okay, but this was the 1990s in Germany). I tested every food in the store that I’d ever want to eat and some I didn’t. After dozens of tests, I felt an undeniable shift in my body’s response to different foods. I no longer needed the weight. I would just touch something and my knees felt weaker. It was like opening a new door to getting answers.

Following these tests, I did an incredible amount of research into muscle testing, food allergies and sensitivities, blood test results for various chronic conditions and diseases, and more. I had access to academic journals and knew how to interpret results since I had to follow the same strict standards for my own work into the vibrations of materials.

For example, I found my sensitivity results with the various foods matched the then new concept of eating for your blood type. For non foods, certain shapes and colors tested positive and negative. The presences of certain people tested positive or negative. I tested other people’s muscles in the same way. And got the same consistent results with them.

What Are You Really Testing With Your Muscles

I want to be clear, I’m not testing allergies or diagnosing illnesses. I’m testing the subconscious desires, the energy systems of the body, which includes food, plant, and chemical sensitivities. These can be affected by food combinations, emotional state and your hormone levels.

Alongside what foods your body resists or makes you weaker, you can also discover what foods make you stronger. Normally everyone tests positive and strong for vitamin B.

You can also ask your body which supplements in which amount will help you. I usually ask “Is this vitamin at least 70% good for me?” I also ask how many do I need. I go through each of them every 12 days and ask again.

I take the minimum I need to feel good. I’ll pick up a bottle and ask, Do I still need this? If so, how many? It saves me a lot of money. I don’t have to listen to what other people say to take (and all the millions of conflicting pieces of advice). I can even get a good idea by looking at the listings for a supplement on Amazon or an online vitamin shop to find which one or two will work. I’ve done this with clients and family members and the choices have been effective for me and them.

Why Muscle Testing Has Nothing to Do with Religion or Spirituality

I get odd comments from time to time on my videos about muscle testing or applied kinesiology. It is not spiritual or woo. It’s based on your stress response. It has to do with tapping into your subconscious and your physiological responses. Your subconscious sees and observes far more than you can possibly realize. Your conscious mind, it is said, only takes in a very small fraction of the information your subconscious observes.

If something disagrees with you, you get weaker because you have a stress response to something, thus sending stress hormones through the body.

Knowing this you can also improve your performance. If you tell yourself “yes” while lifting a weight, you can lift more. And by the same token, if you tell yourself “no”, your maximal weight you can lift decreases. I even made a device with a strain gauge, calibrated it, and used it to determine how strong or how weak my answers were by watching the generated voltage on the meter. That’s what happens when you work in a lab. You build things. LOL.

Another demonstration of this idea is Amy Cuddy’s research at Harvard. She noted that standing up straight with shoulders back reduced stress levels (20% reduction in cortisol and a 20% elevation in testosterone in 2 minutes). It made people more confident and upbeat. When they slouched, they lost confidence and were more stressed (their stress hormones started to flow). Their performance at a job interview or public speech improved dramatically.

This illustrates the two-way conversation between what your body is saying and doing. If you smile, it’s hard to stay grumpy, for example, because it changes your hormones. Standing up straight, feet shoulder-width apart with shoulders back hands on hips in the superhero pose brings more confidence. Your stress hormones drop quickly, and your testosterone increases.

The lower your cortisol levels and the higher your testosterone, the stronger you become (you can lift more weight). Muscle testing is just a physiological response and has nothing to do with faith, soothsaying, or fortune-telling.

I also want to be clear. Muscle testing is not a replacement for lab tests. It could guide them. You can ask your body what it needs, it will usually tell you. Muscle testing can’t diagnose cancer or kidney disease, it could hint at their presence.

Shortcomings of Muscle Testing

Here are some of the shortcomings of muscle testing and what it could be useful for in guiding your own decisions and healing process.

Shortcoming 1: I was on the phone with a very intelligent, strong willed, and well educated gentleman (Doctor of Law, and MBA). He called me to confirm the diagnosis that he was not having a heart attack at that moment. He said he muscle tested it several times with “no” as a result. I also got a “no” but his symptoms were typical for a very overweight 60 year old that didn’t exercise and ate poorly. He had an arm pain and was short of breath. I asked him where the nearest emergency room was (he lived in a different state). He said two blocks away, but he couldn’t drive or walk, he didn’t feel well enough. He was resisting me. I said firmly, get your phone, go to your front door, get an uber and get to the emergency room. He did, fortunately. He was in full cardiac arrest. He had a quadruple bypass the next day.

What happened? Why didn’t it work? His desire to not have a heart attack was so strong that it influenced not just his answers but mine. The HeartMath Institute has done research on how emotional state is projected out physically. We also receive the vibes through voice or even thought.

In his case, logic told me that he was in trouble and needed medical intervention. If your logic is telling you of a situation that you are encountering, your emotional state or desires will cancel out a muscle test. Besides: I didn’t want to risk losing him to an experiment, could I heal a heart attack 2000 miles away? Maybe. I did send him healing energy to assist. Medical teams have saved my parents and my husband. I don’t want that kind of responsibility. Where is he now? He is thriving several years later minus about a hundred pounds. And I’m so happy he is.

Here’s another illustration of emotional attachment to a result. I almost never get a yes to the question: Am I or is my client allergic to chocolate? Being unbiased is important to getting accurate answers. This is why I put the foods in numbered opaque packaging all those years ago. Scientific studies require double blind tests.

Shortcoming number 2: One of my students asked me, why does her muscle testing result for, “is this card red?” a “no” while holding a red card? She also got a “no” for “Is my name Julie?” (it is) and and a yes for “is my name Rosa?” This is a case of having her electrical polarity reversed.

Your body has an electrical system that influences the results of your muscle test. If it is running the reverse of normal, your results will be the opposite. I’ve gotten no for Is my name Anastasia?

There’s a simple test that determines your polarity aside from asking obvious questions like your name and silly questions like, “am I wearing a pink tutu?” When you place your hand palm down on the top of your head, you should test strong or “yes”. If you put the palm facing up with the back of your hand on your head, you should test weak. If it’s the opposite, your polarity is temporarily reversed.

There are many ways this can happen, trauma, emotional upset, eating or drinking the wrong thing, lack of rest. Here are ways that work to correct my polarity:

First, get physically comfortable and relax your mind, even do a mini-meditation with deep breathing. Any added stress, whether it’s physical or emotional, will influence the results.

Step 1: is to make sure that I’ve had enough water to drink and that I’m hydrated. The way to test for hydration is to pull some hair at the crown of your head and muscle test. If it says no then drink some water. Repeat the test until you get a positive answer.

Step 2: I stand up straight, take a deep breath. Next, I imagine light coming through the top of my head, down my arms, and shake them out as if the light is coming out my fingertips. Then I retest to see if my polarity has righted itself.

Step 3: If that doesn’t work, then I do some stretching and cross my arms back-and-forth while straight a few times. This helps balance the two brain hemispheres with one another and balances the energy of both sides of my body. Then I muscle test again for my polarity and usually that works.

Step 4: Certain crystals that you are magnetized to can help rebalance your polarity. Common is selenite. I have a number of crystals around the home that help. You can also take a salt shower to wash away low energy (take a handful of table salt into the shower, dampen it, pat yourself down from top to bottom and wash it away).

Shortcoming number 3: Almost a century ago, Dr. Harold Burr measured the bioelectric field around animals. He found that the field changed immediately when he introduced a pathogen then the illness ensued, days, weeks or months later. It’s an incubation period, so to speak. Muscle testing would also reveal the drop in energy upon the introduction of the pathogen. Therefore, your muscle testing measures the current state of your energy and not the current state of your health. That’s both good and bad news.

The bad news is you can’t be sure of your current state of health with muscle testing. If you are a medical intuitive, that’s different. You can see things the way you do (I do too) but it still needs corroboration.

If you are just muscle testing, a correct diagnosis requires lab tests. Some people don’t want to go to a conventional doctor. Why wouldn’t you use the amazing medical diagnostic tools available? The blood tests and other diagnostic tools give you a reading of sorts. You don’t have to follow the doctor’s wishes. I didn’t when I was told to have a hysterectomy, for example.

Now the good news: if you have a low energy reading, because of the delay, you have a chance to uplevel your energy and improve your chances of staying healthy. And if you are already ill, it means it might take some time to shift the illness using energy. Sometimes the shift happens suddenly, but I personally as a healer, do not depend on it. I’ve had people whose tumors disappeared overnight and others whose tumors took 3 months to shrink away.

Therefore, Muscle testing determines the state of your energy flow and field at the current moment. It is not like an A1C or a CRP blood test, for example, that shows a longer-term result for blood sugar or inflammation, respectively. A good mood and upbeat attitude can bias your readings upward and likewise being in grief, depressed or angry can bias your readings downwards. The state of your health follows a change in energy flow or energy level, as illustrated by the tumor shrinkage.

I’ve also been asked to determine the future with muscle testing or to find lost objects with it. For the future, you can extrapolate based on your current knowledge, but in my view, we all have free will and can change the flow of energy at any time. I have accurately predicted dates of events weeks and months into the future (as has my sister) but this is unpredictable. I would not recommend muscle testing for this. As for finding lost objects, other clair skills such as clairvoyance are better suited.

I teach muscle testing in my healing courses because it allows someone without clair skills such as clairvoyance or clairsentience to access the knowledge needed to know how to move forward in healing. Anyone can do this as long as they know its strengths and limitations.

I’d like to describe effective muscle techniques and powerful alternatives but since this broadcast is getting long, they will be in the next two broadcasts. Be sure to subscribe to my channel and get notifications to catch these. You can also view my old videos on the topic by clicking here on these two videos.

Thank you for listening in today! If you know of someone that would benefit from this, share it with them. Please give me a thumbs up or five star rating. This is Dr. Anastasia Chopelas. I’ll see you in the next video.



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