Can’t Get Muscle Testing to Work? Try These Proven Methods Instead!

Anastasia Chopelas
6 min readJun 21, 2024


Struggling with muscle testing? Dr. Anastasia reveals three proven alternative methods to access your subconscious mind when your muscle testing falls short. Discover ways to safely bypass the conscious mind to allow your inner truth to come through. Perfect for healers seeking to integrate science and spirituality, this episode offers practical tips to enhance your intuitive abilities. Don’t miss out on transforming your healing practice with these proven techniques!

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Are you struggling with muscle testing? Do you get a yes, when you know it’s a no? Muscle testing is a way to access your subconscious mind, but it’s only one of several ways. Stick around to discover alternative and more reliable methods to tap into your inner voice if muscle testing is failing you. Stay tuned to hear more!

You’re listening to Dr. Anastasia Chopelas, the scientific healer, bridging the gap between science and spirituality, to help make you more effective and more money as a healer.

Example of Accessing Your Subconscious

Back when I used to run every morning before work, the sheer physical exertion pushed me into a meditative state. I learned how to distract my mind from the discomfort of running my morning 6 miles until I was in a hypnotic state, where my thoughts began to flow freely. Whatever question I had in my personal or professional life that needed an answer to move forward, I would let my mind wander on it and the answers and insights were brilliant. I made some of my biggest breakthroughs in scientific research and solved some personal and health issues quickly. I found similar experiences with other activities. The moments of zoning out helped me develop the ability to access my subconscious mind for answers. Last time I talked about ways to improve your muscle testing, which is a fast way to get the answers to my questions. As I mentioned, muscle testing can be deceiving if you are not clear, hydrated, and in the right polarity.

Here is the crux of the problem of reaching the subconscious mind for answers: your conscious mind is busy putting up roadblocks and giving you logical answers to your questions. Your conscious mind is the gatekeeper protecting you.

Logic Doesn’t Always Work

Logic isn’t going to answer many of your questions. In fact, it may be the worst answer. Ignoring it is also not a good idea. As I told my story of my friend who was in the middle of a heart attack when he called me. Logic said it was but muscle testing said it wasn’t. If I had ignored my instinct, my brilliant friend would have not made it.

To reach the subconscious mind, the conscious mind needs to be bypassed and let its guard down. It works symbolically and fails to understand or register certain words or word patterns. This is where miscommunication often arises, in failing to understand that the language of the subconscious is not the same as the conscious. You’ll see the similarities among the following activities that allow you to get the answers you’re seeking.

Here are three great alternatives to muscle testing:

First: During the time I was going through the most difficult part of my life, journaling with pen and paper, and just writing stream-of-consciousness entries brought me through some really tough times. I could settle my swirling thoughts and get to the real issues. I did this every morning for ten years right when I woke up and right before I ran. Another incredible use of journaling is to create new things. I’ve written books, created new courses and processes, planned how a project was going to go, and more. Once it’s written down, it starts to take on new life.

The habit of journaling is a relatively fast way to find answers to your questions, but not as fast as muscle testing. It is definitely accessing the genius part of your subconscious. It can answer your next steps for example but not how your body reacts to a certain substance as in food sensitivity testing via muscle testing.

Journaling, like any creative activity, such as painting, can move your conscious mind aside and let the subconscious trickle through to provide the answers you’re looking for.

Other times your conscious mind can be bypassed are just before you fall asleep and just after you wake up. Some people put a journal or voice recorder by their bed just to jot down the ideas that occur to them at this time. Another is to write down your dreams right after you wake up before they dissipate. Often your dreams are a result of your subconscious trying to understand or sort your current experiences into the right cubbyhole.

Is it thinking or is it meditation?

Second: It wasn’t until I was between 55 and 60 that I realized that my thinking times to solve questions, such as during a run or walk, or even just sitting at my desk playing mindless solitaire was a way to allow my conscious mind to rest and go somewhere else. I have done this all my life, as an introvert who enjoyed her solitude.

When I was introduced to meditation as if it were something unique or special, I didn’t get it. Seriously, I said, what, sit and stare at a candle and think of nothing? And people will do this for an hour a day? While trying this out (in earnest I might add), my mind begins to wander almost immediately. I can focus on something but not meditate.

Later, when I first experienced a guided meditation, causing me to focus on the voice and its commands, I realized that I was in the same trance-like state that I was in while running, painting, or driving long distances. If I guide thoughts to solving or answering questions, the solutions come.

In summary, meditation or even self-hypnosis is a second activity that allows you to access your subconscious mind. You have to find a meditative process that works for you. Sitting in front of a candle in dim light may not be for you as it wasn’t for me. But it might be just what you need. It could be a guided meditation, especially one that guides you to focus on the answers you are seeking to a question, and allows you to find the right solution.

What is dowsing?

Next, you may have heard of dowsing rods, a method used for centuries to find water. My brother used it to find the best place to dig a well on his 5 acres. He was surprised at how well it worked. Little did I know that a similar process to dowsing is a fast way to access your subconscious.

One of my previous students called her pendulum her business partner because it answered her questions correctly. She explained the easiest way to do this was to start with your pendulum at neutral. (I’ve used metal, wood, or crystal bobs, I like the latter the best). Then ask your pendulum to show you a yes. Then a no. no, respectively.

You’ll note the movement it makes. Then ask the calibration questions, such as “Is my name Anastasia?” or “Is my name Barbara?” Which would be a yes and

Often, those who have trouble with muscle tests get much clearer and better results with dowsing. Another one of my former students was a dowsing expert and used what I taught her about healing and clearing herself to create her own courses on the topic.

The disadvantage to this process is similar to muscle testing. To get the best results, be hydrated, make sure your polarity is correct, and be well rested. Sometimes a bit of energy hygiene or doing a short meditation will get you squared away.

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