Embarrassingly Simple Ways to Keep You Clear of Spiritual Parasites or Ghosts

Anastasia Chopelas
6 min readMay 23, 2024


Ever wondered why your electronics fail at the worst times or you feel unexpectedly drained? Today’s broadcast explores the concept of spiritual parasites — unseen forces that could be impacting your well-being. Even your devices. Joinme to dive into the intersection of science and the supernatural with insights from a physicist. Learn how to identify signs of these energy leeches and discover effective strategies to protect yourself and maintain high vibrational energy. Don’t forget to visit our website for more resources and sign up for our exclusive training at healersu.com/hpp. Subscribe to this podcast for weekly insights on maintaining your energy levels! #vibrationalfrequency #protectingenergy

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Have you ever felt like something was draining your energy for no apparent reason. Or that your electronics were malfunctioning at the absolute worst times? What if I told you that it might not just be a coincidence, but a sign of something else — What I call spiritual parasites. This is the realm where science meets the unseen. You’ll hear about how invisible entities could be influencing your peace of mind, mood, well-being, and overall health. Listen in to hear how to recognize, protect yourself, and stay clear from these energy leeches.

A few years ago, whenever I had a deadline looming just before an international flight, I had to get some overheads printed. The printer always seemed to fail; it just stopped. I later contacted my secretary and she said: I don’t have any problem.

This continued to happen for years. The printer worked if I was not in a hurry, but if I had a deadline, it would just stop. It felt like there was some jokester laughing at my expense. And indeed, it was. It was spiritual parasites. Entities commonly mess with some people. After such incidents, I felt deflated. That’s when they sopped up my lost energy.

This brings us to the topic of today’s broadcast, spiritual parasites.

What are they?

They come in many forms, all sizes. Just as life on this planet goes from microbes to whales, with millions, even billions of species. So do spiritual energies.

These aren’t angels or other spirits that are there to help us. A parasite is malicious, taking energy that doesn’t belong to it, because they don’t have enough energy of their own to incarnate. When you start to fear them, remember that on the spiritual plane, you are super human. You command the energy of 50 trillion cells in your body that are going through 9 trillion chemical reactions every day.

Because these parasites draw energy down, they can affect your health, your well-being or emotions, sometimes they are the voices in your head, sometimes they are your pain, and sometimes mess with your electronics, creating some frustration. And how is this scientific, you might ask?

As a physicist, looking at frequencies: anything that is high frequency means it has much more energy. Energy and frequency are proportional to one another.

Imagine you are tired and weak and hungry, what is the first thing you do when you come home? You find the quickest way to feed your body to feel better again. It is the same with these spiritual parasites. This is how they could affect your life:

They can be minor annoyances, like the printer incident, or cause a major upheaval in your life. They seek the weak and draw their energy. Especially if their energy field or aura has tears, holes or gaps in it. For example, if someone is in the early stages of dementia, the parasites will jump into a person and get comfortable drawing their energy down.

Sometimes, what you see as full-blown dementia, as in memory loss or confusion, is actually a spiritual parasite speaking. I saw this shortly before my mom passed. I would ask her who my dad is (they had been married 64 years) and she would say he is the cook. I can’t have a relationship with him, I don’t know him.

Recognizing that something is amiss is not always easy. Being aware they might be there is the first step to preventing them from messing with you.

Here are some of the signs, but there are other explanations as well: Inexplicable electronic malfunctions, fatigue, foggy thinking, mood swings, feeling like you have a sinister voice in your head telling you to do things you wouldn’t normally do, not wanting to go into certain parts of your home or feeling cold when you do go there.

If you have a sense that there’s someone watching you or in the room with you, you might be right. It’s creepy, I know. But remember, you are way more powerful than they are. Me, my daughter, my sister and my brother can sense or see them, which is why I know they are there. When I was banishing one from the house that was bothering my mom, it slammed into me and yelled at my daughter. I just stepped up my efforts and told it it had to go or I would dispatch it.

You don’t have to be a ninja to banish them. Don’t focus on them. The more you focus, the more they will come into your life. Some healers spend all their time fighting them, which causes the bad spirits to create more chaos in their lives.

Here’s what to do: If you are aware that you are being affected, tell them they can’t be there and call on the name of your higher spiritual being to banish them. God, Jesus, Rama, Buddha, Shiva, Mohammed. It doesn’t matter which one, one that you know you receive protection from. I had what looked like a demon floating over me as I was about to fall asleep, and as soon as I mentioned Jesus’s name, he vanished.

There are numerous ways to protect yourself and your sanctuary (home or office) by reinforcing the protection:

For people, do your energy hygiene daily, fortifying your energy field, ground and center yourself, get rest, hydrate and eat healthy food. One way that almost instantly opens your field up to allow them to bother you, is to drink too much alcohol. Use cord cutting or listen to one of the free healing audios I have on my website, such as https://scientifichealer.com/wakeupbrain These methods are designed to keep your vibrational frequency high, keep you strong and prevent the invasion of these unwanted intruders.

For your home or office, there are several ways to raise the frequency. You can put fresh cut flowers or grow healing plants around your house and garden, such as herbs or aloe vera, or put them around your work space. Keep your home and office clean and clutter-free, smudge around the openings with sage or clean incense, and donate or toss old used items that are broken or stained. This also includes things you haven’t touched in a long time, such as unfinished projects. You can also raise the energy of your home passively with Focussed Life Force Energy. You can try it out free at scientifichealer.com/flfe

These methods are designed to seal up the holes, gaps and tears in the fields around you and your environment to prevent parasites from affecting you. They will then go after easier prey.

Often, you will feel better immediately. If you are having a health issue, you might need more help such as that from a traditional doctor or an energy healer. You could also try tapping, EMDR and other psychological approaches to help restore your mental balance.

Did today’s topic resonate with you? I invite you to join me in a training designed to deepen your understanding of your energy body and equip you with tools to cleanse and protect your energy. Visit healersu.com/hpp to sign up for the first steps to protecting your energy.

Join me again next week on an episode to talk about why your frequency matters, and more ways to keep it high.

Remember, your energy is precious. It’s time to reclaim it from unseen influences and step into your full potential.

Thank you for tuning into Physics Powered Healing. You’ll find resources and show notes on our website at physicspoweredhealing.com. Until next time, I’m Dr. Anastasia Chopelas, sending you golden healing light and success vibes on your journey to becoming a powerful, confident healer or empath. Remember, your healing gifts are so needed in this world.



Anastasia Chopelas

The Scientific Healer, physicist, and author of “The Diamond Healing Method: Get Healthy No Matter What Your Doctor Says”