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Anastasia Chopelas
3 min readJan 29, 2021

In this broadcast, you are going to hear how to create your new future with a lot less effort than you’ve experienced before. It’s a process I’ve been doing for years.

You’ll be using a process that uses the properties of the quantum field.

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Properties of the quantum field

The first property to know about is how you reaching into it perturbs the field. That is, you can change it.

And the second property is that it spans all time and space, you are defined by it. If you can perturb the field and it spans all time and space, it means you can change what you have and who you are in this universe.

This really is what is meant when people talk about reaching into the quantum field. The thing you should realize, you already have access to it because you are in it.

Believing you can change it is essential.

No one is stuck. There are plenty of exercises you can use to do this, and this one that I’m going to outline today and tomorrow is powerful and anyone can use.

You may have heard that thoughts are things: your thoughts can bring things into reality.

First step to new reality

So here is the first step to creating a new reality: it’s releasing your old reality. What the great proportion of people mistakenly do is focus on what they don’t want. As soon as you focus on your undesirables, you bring them into being and keep them in your reality.

Today’s process should be done on the last day of the year, yes, today, December 31st. But it can be done on any day you want to turn a new leaf over.

First, close out the past. In other words, putting it in your rearview mirror and that you are focusing ahead rather than behind. This is the key to the magic.

You are removing your undesirable layers

In energy healing for example, removing the layers that you have on you that are disharmonious with you is the first step to releasing the illness, unhappiness, and poor relationships. It’s in essence, an energy detox, releasing the energetic poisons in your body causing you pain, disease and discomfort.

The way I do this process is with pen and paper, I personally use a journal that I only use for writing my thoughts down.

On the last day of the year, I write out between 10 and 20 behaviors and situations I’d like to be in my past. While I am writing these statements down, I have a very clear vision in my mind of where I want to go towards the future as I make a statement of what’s in the past.

Use a brief head clearing healing audio like to get started.

Remember to focus on the positive

Please refrain from using words like “I don’t want”, remove negatives from your thought. Put the vision in your head that it is forward for you that is the road or path of your life.

A statement like: getting out of my lane in my business is now in my past while you are visualizing you staying in your lane in the future.

That’s the first step, on the last day of the year, release the life that was but doing it in such a way that blocks the old from re-entering your life.

On the next broadcast, you will hear how to manifest the new. This is a yearly New Year’s ritual I’ve done for a good 30 years with great success.

You’ll be using a process that uses the properties of the quantum field that I mentioned in my previous broadcasts.

To discover more about the processes that I used to create better health, relationships and even wealth, go to Today’s process includes a specific energetic detox.

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