How Toxic Relationships Destroy Your Business Potential…

Anastasia Chopelas
6 min readMay 24, 2024


Discover the transformative power of personal relationships on your business success! In this enlightening broadcast, Dr. Anastasia Chopelas explains the profound impact that emotional energy exchanges have on your professional life. Learn from real-life stories like Amanda’s, whose business flourished after resolving deep-seated anger. Dive into scientific insights and practical steps to harness positive energy for enhanced well-being and business growth. Don’t miss our exclusive free 5-day Personal Protection Protocol to reprogram your interactions and unlock your full potential. Subscribe for more insights on leveraging your emotional health for professional triumph! #relationshipenergy #professionalsuccess to sign up.

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Are you aware that your personal relationships can profoundly affect your finances and even how your business runs? Here’s why: every conversation, each glance you share with someone, not only exchanges words but also exchanges energy. Your personal relationships, if they are or were troubled, have you carrying “bad” energy around. You carrying that energy extends its influence profoundly into your professional life, shaping your success as a business person or entrepreneur. Stay tuned to discover what you can do to amplify your success.

There are numerous case studies..

within my practice that show the connection between relationship energy and success.

Let me tell you about Amanda. When I first started working with her, she said she had been angry at her father for decades. I helped her release that anger in a brief but powerful process. When she spoke to me the following week, she declared that she didn’t know what I had done to her but she couldn’t even muster anger up against her father. Then in the following months, her small business grew without any new advertising or networking. She excitedly told me her phone was ringing off the hook, with her revenue increasing by 30%. The best was other people reflecting back to me that they used to think Amanda was scary, but now discovered she is a very kind, friendly woman. When she resolved her negative emotions in her personal life, she had less emotional turmoil, but also attracted new clients.

Amanda’s case illustrates the science of heart energy. Your heart radiates emotions, detectable by an instrument 25 feet or more away from you. This is how we feel one another’s emotions and even exchange energy with one another. Empathic people are more prone to sense the feelings of others even physically. Their skin can respond to the emotional ‘itching powder’ of others’ distress with prickles or uncomfortable sensations. Whether you feel it or not, everyone does receive this emotional energy,

Because as I said

Every interaction involves an exchange of energy.

What do I mean by that?

When you speak, connect, or even share a look with someone, you’re not only giving your energy to them, but you’re also receiving theirs. Sometimes, it continues after the interaction is over, especially if you think about them or they you. This energy can either be harmonious with yours or discordant, directly affecting your emotional and physical well-being.

You’ve seen the movies, where one upset person gets the rest of the people around them upset, creating an instant mob. You’ve probably experienced this yourself. It could even be going to a party with friends you love to be around and it raised your spirits after you got there. These incidents are both reflections of energy exchange.

This isn’t just woo, it’s serious research.

According to such research at big universities, like Harvard, UCLA, and Yale,

The number one factor determining longevity is the state of your relationships.

This is above factors like career, creativity, and taking care of your physical self (which by the way ranked last on the list of 8). My own health suffered tremendously when I was in a difficult relationship. Everything else in my life was where I wanted it, my career, my children, my home, and my activities, but the stress of that relationship caused serious issues, including high blood pressure, a tumor, and a weakened immune system where I was in bed more than I was upright. In fact, I only had two good hours a day during that time, if I was lucky. I had no energy for other relationships and couldn’t have had my own business at this point.

To illustrate this further, recent research at UCLA, showed that positive upbeat relationships reprogram your DNA to greater longevity. The telomeres lengthen (meaning you are getting younger from the inside out) and your genes rewrite that destructive programming.

Believing that your personal life doesn’t affect your professional life is a myth because you are always carrying you around. Like in Amanda’s case, the anger she was holding inside came out in unexpected ways. Of course, she’s not the only one.

Louisa was going through a difficult divorce and was stuck being broke and virtually unemployable because of her turmoil. When I worked with her, within a week, she received a $45000 check as part of her divorce settlement that had been stuck in limbo for 8 years. She then went on to create a successful career after receiving her doctorate.

No one wants to work with people who still carry uncomfortable emotions.

Even neediness. If you are thinking about needing your next client so you can pay your bills, that potential client will think you just want them for their money.

What are the steps you can take to release you of the emotions and low vibe energy?

First, recognize that you have the ability to dispel the energy now that you know such exchanges happen.

There are basically 4 steps in the process. First, pull your energy back to you that belongs to you. You gave it away in conversations, now recover it. Give their energy back to them.

Second, sever the connection between you and the other person. It’s called cord-cutting, but the imagery is powerful. This stops the exchange of energy after your conversation with them.

Third, change the rules of engagement with that person. An example of this is when your child grows up and becomes independent. You no longer can mother or father them the same way. Well, you could but you jeopardize your relationship with them. So now your rules of engagement changes from parent and child to two adults.

Fourth, this last one is a little in the woo space, but in name only. This is changing the Karma between you and the other person. What it means, you recognize that you have learned what you were meant to learn interacting with that person in your family, work life, or personal life. And now, you can put the trouble in your rear view mirror and move forward to a new existence.

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