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We humans are designed to interact with others. Our biology is designed to pick up on emotions and even thoughts of others. It is how we stay connected to one another and how we propagate the species. Get your free relationship healing program:

This connection energy is beyond what meets the eyes. Some of us are keenly sensitive to these energies, you call them over-sensitive, empaths, and even crazy. The thing is that instruments are just now beginning to detect the energy flow between one another, something that we knew all along.

The current events have made it really hard for many of us to stay upbeat. In the first month or so of the lockdown, I felt utterly dragged down by things although my life had not changed substantially. The only big difference was our weekly shopping habits. Otherwise, it was totally similar. The difference was absorbing the group thinking that has been happening across the country.

There are two types of connections we form with others: near field connections, which means you have to be in the presence of other to feel them. And long distance interactions, meaning that the person could be in the next city, state, country or continent and you still feel them.

In near field interactions, that is usually with our friends and family members, it is the energy field around you that interacts with them. But if you are out shopping, traveling or in a classroom with other people, you are also susceptible to foreign near field interactions.

These type of interactions develop from the energy field surrounding your body to that of others. Just like when you have a below par functioning immune system, the condition and size of your field can leave you susceptible to the thoughts and emotions of others. Most people have negative thoughts all day long, of all the way things go wrong. This is an obsolete way of thinking when we as humans in the not too distant past had to think that way to survive.

Here are the ways you become susceptible to those grumpy, fearful thoughts:

  1. You are in one of those funks yourself, it’s like eating white food and trying to stay healthy. There is nothing nutritive about it. To keep your energy field edges strong and intact, upbeat thoughts and emotions play a strong role. It’s like saying yes to yourself over and over again. You can physically lift more weight or run faster in this up-beat state.
  2. Second is if you give away or power too often or too easily. What this means is that you are allowing others to make your adult decisions for you. This leaves gaps and holes in your energy field allowing others an easy way in,
  3. Third is if you are off center in a way that you want to fill a room with yourself. This kind of thinking is borne of insecurity, worried that the people around you don’t think highly enough of you. It’s like keeping tabs on everyone. If you grew up in a dysfunctional household and have to keep an eye on things for fear of getting in trouble. When you are younger, it is a survival strategy. When you are an adult yourself, it stretches and expands your energy field all over the place allowing you to pick up other people’s uncomfortable thoguhts.

In all three cases, the result is similar, You are absorbing thoughts and energies that are not your own. You could call this not having healthy boundaries

How to have a healthy boundary.

  1. comb out your field to detangle it and imagine you have a nice plexiglas edge. You can even imagine the edges are on fire and you are burning off that bad energy.
  2. pull yourself in tightly, imagine it’s 18 inches.
  3. Owning your own power. Let all the poopy energy in your field drop down cord.

Cording is a line of energy connecting you and another person.

When you think of someone far away, you may have corded to them. The quickest way to release them is to chop down from your head to your hips three times in the front and think to yourself, “cut the cord,” while imagining them falling into the Earth. Gather the cords attached to your back, and chop again three times, thinking to yourself again, “but the cord,” while imagining them falling into the earth.

A popular alternative method of releasing the cords from you is to imagine you’ve got a series of plugs in a power strip connected to your power centers. Unplug each of the cords and drop them down your grounding cord into the Earth.

Don’t forget to pull them off your back channels as well so you can be free of the cording to other people (as well as other ideas).

Timeline of broadcast:

how you get weak:
5:15 depression
6:13 undue field expansion
6:40 give away your power
7:34 tip 1. guided meditation
7:54 tip 2. comb through your field lines
9:24 tip 3. bring your field or aura in tight
10:37 tip 4 own your own power
11:12 distant connection cording
13:21 tip 1. cut cords
13:52 tip 2. unplug cords

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