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Anastasia Chopelas
5 min readMay 24, 2024


Discover how to master your vibrational frequency and enhance your life with simple, actionable steps in this enlightening broadcast! Whether you’re struggling with health, relationships, or personal satisfaction, elevating your frequency can significantly impact these areas. Join me as we delve into practical techniques, from hydrating with intention to decluttering your space, that will empower you to transform your well-being and achieve a higher state of health and consciousness. Don’t miss these life-changing tips — listen in now and start your journey to a higher vibrational you! #raiseyourfrequency #vibrationalfrequency

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Did you know you have more control over your future than you ever realized? One very important characteristic that tells you where you are heading is your vibrational frequency. It is a gauge of how well you are doing, with your life satisfaction, your health, and your relationships. Even if you are feeling terrible, you can raise your frequency quickly without having a healer do it for you. You have the ability. Stay tuned as I uncover practical ways to elevate your frequency starting now!

Every morning, no matter how I feel, I start my day with a simple yet profound routine.

I drink two large glasses of water from a bottle inscribed with words like “love” and “joy.” Other habits include morning exercise, which I’ve been doing for almost 60 years, gives my day a jump start, raises my mood, and has allowed me to accomplish more and be active and healthy at 71.

The good news is that you can do these in small, manageable steps that over time add up to large dividends. Listen in as I share powerfully simple ways to raise your vibrational frequency.

What is your frequency?

As a scientist, I have studied the vibrations of many organic and inorganic materials. The strength of the bonds changed the characteristic frequency, that one frequency that defines every quality in the material. Even though we have a huge array of vibrations in our bodies, your characteristic frequency defines health, both mental and physical, and what we project out to other people.

Scientific studies measuring the bioelectric field around the body corroborate this. People who had high brain activity and excellent health showed vibrational frequencies around 70 to 80 megahertz, yes, 80 million beats per second. Those who were becoming ill were around 60, those with serious illnesses, about 40, and those who were in the beginning stages of dying around 20.

The good news is that you can change your frequency depending on your behavior.

People in the calm, meditative, or parasympathetic nervous system raise their frequency by 10 to 15 MHz. Depressed people lower it by 7 to 10 MHz. This gap is literally the difference between life and death.

So, how can you raise yours even if you don’t know how to heal?

Let’s start with step one when you wake up:

you’ve been asleep all night, your body releasing a lot of fluid while clearing out metabolic waste products, and you wake up dehydrated. Your brain needs plenty of hydration to function clearly. Start by Drinking a pint of water when you wake up, this is a half liter for those operating in the metric system. This replenishment of your brain brings it to function fully, waking it up and giving you a boost of energy.

By putting positive messages on your bottles, such as writing “love”, “joy”, “enlightened”, and “happy” on them, you increase the frequency of the water. Masaru Emoto showed this changes the hydrogen bonding of water, where ice crystallizes in a more organized way after receiving positive emotional messages. Since your body is 70% water, it stands to reason that you will also improve your inner makeup this way.

Salt Showers for Energy Cleansing

After your exercise in the morning, you can increase the benefit of your bath or shower by using table salt. First, why table salt? The bonding of salt has a very low frequency. The bonds separate in water and attract low-frequency vibes. It washes away the low vibe energy from your body. Dump a handful of salt into your bath water or put a handful before you hop into the shower. Dampen the salt and pat it onto your skin starting from the top and moving down. You don’t need to scrub. Wash it off before you soap it down. This process cleanses negative energies and refreshes your spirit.

Mini meditation instead of hour long:

I don’t like to sit still and meditate for long periods of time. My mind is too active and yours might be too. You can receive the same benefits by taking a few deep deliberate breaths every hour or so. This is the pause that truly refreshes. It brings you to a state of mindfulness and taking those deep breaths and while you exhale, allow your body to relax from head to toe. This will lower your blood pressure, drop your cortisol levels, and raise your frequency. If you’ve heard Prof. Amy Cuddy’s Ted talk on posture and raising confidence while lowering your stress levels. Straightening your spine, pulling your shoulders back, and stretching out your arms add to this uplifting effect.

Decluttering means de-stressing.

Have you ever noticed when you come into a clean and orderly room, you just relax? It’s done, there’s nothing to take care of or stress over. Decluttering also coincides with important events in your life. Women “nest” when it’s time to have a baby. When your body is detoxing, you will also have the urge to create order in your life. This includes losing unwanted weight. You are decluttering on the inside as well as out. An orderly, decluttered state is also higher energy from a scientific perspective. And the good news is you don’t have to do it all at once. Each little step makes a big difference in raising your frequency.

See Sandra’s profound transformation:

When she started in my programs, she was not in a good place, especially with the boss from you know where. Each day, she took a small step forward: listened to 10-minute healing audio, decluttered her home, and created firm boundaries with her coworkers until eventually she left the job and is working on recreating herself. Her routine included a salt shower in the morning, plenty of water and rest, healthy food, and exercise.

From feeling hopeless in a dark place, she has transformed into a strong, powerful, and confident woman.

Want to dive deeper into healing? I’ve reserved time on my calendar for you. Go to to talk, no obligation. There’s a transformative journey awaiting you.

And don’t forget to tune in next week, where we’ll delve into the spiritual benefits of exercise. Discover how moving your body can be a powerful tool for spiritual awakening and frequency enhancement.

Thank you for tuning into Physics Powered Healing. You’ll find resources and show notes on our website at Until next time, I’m Dr. Anastasia Chopelas, sending you golden healing light and success vibes on your journey to becoming a powerful, confident healer or empath. Remember, your healing gifts are so needed in this world.



Anastasia Chopelas

The Scientific Healer, physicist, and author of “The Diamond Healing Method: Get Healthy No Matter What Your Doctor Says”