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Anastasia Chopelas
2 min readJan 29, 2021

A lot of questions come my way about relationships and what a healing entails, especially what happens afterwards and other complications. https://scientifichealer.com/relationship

The most common question about relationship healing/clearing

If I clear my relationship with someone, do they go away afterwards? This question is often asked with a lot of fear. A relationship healing keeps the important energy connection between you and your loved ones. Only the detrimental connections are severed.

Many of you ask: why doesn’t the other person have to cooperate? All relationships are voluntary. If you decide to clear the relationship energy between you and another, the other person has no choice in the matter. The energy is cleared.

Often after a healing, the person receiving the healing reports that the behavior of the other party also improves. They are often happier and lighter. If it was a dysfunctional relationship, often the other leaves the relationship voluntarily.

Do love connections ever disappear.

Love connections between people are permanent and part of your divine design. All people are connected heart-to-heart, even the broken ones. When I look at the hearts of the hurt people, I see thick walls. Taking these wall down is one of the processes you can learn in my scientific healign programs. Contact me to find out what is right for you: https://scientifichealer.com/contact

Tips to manifest better relationships

Many people will write a list of things they don’t want. Do the opposite. Ask for what you want instead? Sometimes empathic caring people take on all the blame when things are going awry. Ask yourself, is it your issue or is it someone else’s that you are taking on? And last, instead of being a critic, be a partner. So many times, a simple gesture of doing something you are complaining about, like moving a pair of shoes out of the way, is a lot simpler than making a big issue over the shoes that are in the way.

Timeline for this broadcast

0:30 Will the other person go away afterwards
2:40 Does the other person need healing too?
4:10 Do love connections ever disappear?
4:49 What role did the other person play in your Life?
6:53 Can a 30-year-old bad marriage be saved?
7:54 Can you change DNA programming?
9:21 What if the other person doesn’t want healing?
10:24 Tips to manifest better relationships
11:42 1: Ask for what you want, not what you don’t
14:05 2: Ask, is it my issue?
15:32 3: Be a partner instead of a critic.
20:02 https://scientifichealer.com/relationship for a free healing program.

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