Why Everyone Is Wrong About Marketing for Healers and Empaths: Tips That Really Work

Anastasia Chopelas
6 min readJun 21, 2024


Are you an introverted healer or empath struggling with the idea of marketing your business? Do traditional marketing methods feel too pushy or unethical for you? Tune in to discover how to attract your ideal clients without compromising your sensitivity and integrity. In this episode, you’ll hear about gentle yet powerful marketing strategies that respect who you are. Uncover the science behind storytelling to engage your audience emotionally and tips for creating an inviting online presence that draws people in. Learn effective networking strategies that feel natural and authentic. Transform your business with these ethical marketing techniques tailored for introverted or highly sensitive healers.

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Do you cringe when you think about going out in the world to market your business?

Are you an introvert, highly sensitive person, or energy healer and feel like maybe marketing is too pushy or unethical. Are you hiding out hoping people will find you? Your gifts are so needed and the only way to make people aware of this is gentle and ethical but powerful methods to attract your ideal clients without compromising your sensitivity and integrity.

I was in a quandary when I first started my healing practice. I’m a severe introvert and the thought of marketing made me cringe. I just wanted people to find their way to me, hide out where it’s safe, and have them call me instead. Furthermore, the aggressive tactics I saw everywhere felt overwhelming and insincere. So much bragging and showing their expensive cars and homes. I didn’t even want those. I even hired coaches, but most of them didn’t want to listen to me and who I am. They said do it this way or quit. I quit them, but not helping and healing others. I was determined to find a way to grow my business without sacrificing my integrity and principles. I then built up my healing business in a short amount of time without resorting to the tactics you may be shying away from, too. Instead, I found ways that allowed me to invite clients in a warm and ethical way.

For example, there’s a real science behind the effectiveness of storytelling.

It activates not just the learning part of the brain but also engages your emotional side, stimulating oxytocin and dopamine. It makes people feel something. The emotional connection creates desire and helps them remember you.

For example, I went to a networking event where I shared a story about a client finally getting relief after suffering 10 years of debilitating migraines, this piqued their interest to hear more. Her migraines reduced significantly, so much that people at her job in the movie industry commented at how much better she was doing.

Not only did the people in the room take more interest, but people at her work hired me for their issues. People with migraines or similar problems would see her story on social media, stop the scroll, then go to my website to learn more and get in contact with me. I know you have stories, too, some pretty amazing ones I might add. Here are a couple of tips with your stories.

It’s all too easy to forget the successes and remember the difficulties or failures.

To avoid this, start writing down each success story and put it in a document to refer to, such as a google doc or on an organizing app like Trello. Keep a catalog of the notes your clients send you so you have testimonials. Some of them will even write on social media. Make sure you copy those and put them in your catalog of success. It’s easier to talk about what someone said about you than feeling like you’re bragging about yourself and what you can do. People will want your contact information.

Don’t forget to have some simple business cards printed up with your picture, name, what you do and contact information on them. Although, it’s better to collect their information and make a discovery appointment first (do a reading or a free healing as an incentive to speak to you). I used to make appointments right then and there, adding their phone number and text them a day ahead to remind them of your meeting.

Tip 2. Creating an inviting online presence.

No, don’t worry. There are many ways to do this easily, even if you are without tech skills.

When people meet you, they need a way to find out more about you. If you aren’t ready for a website, you can use a Facebook page. This is truly one of the simplest ways.

You will name the page yourself: mine for example is facebook.com/dranastasiachopelas. It’s relatively easy to set up. Just go through all the bits and pieces on your page and fill them in. YouTube has explainer videos on how to do this. You will be able to show who you are, how to contact you, what you’re about. You can put up a banner with your picture that says click here to speak to you. It leads to a description: put your booking link there, inviting them for a free call.

I used to offer free sessions, you could too. Often after such a call, I’d get plenty of work. In a two-week period when I just started out, I got $3000 of bookings this way. (Calendly.com is one of the many free booking calendar services.)

When you are ready for more, you can put up a simple one-page website using a service such as wix.com or wordpress.org (there are many ways). You need a front page, an about page, a couple of legal pages, a services page, and contact. You can put all of these on one single long page. Make sure you put some of the stories and testimonials there. This is another way that people contacted me after seeing my page (it’s on your card that you handed out).

Choose a name that resonates with you. Some people put their first name and add healing. I tried putting my name, but no one could spell it, so I used either scientifichealer.com or healersu.com. Make it simple, not long.

Tip 3. Networking meetings to get to know other business people in your area.

It took me a long time to even want to go to networking meetings because I worked as a physicist and researcher for 40 years, and it felt odd telling strangers I was an energy healer. I’ve had some strange reactions to that information, especially when I was meeting new dating prospects.

I have some good news about networking meetings. These are founders of small businesses that want to make their way into the community. They are out of the box thinkers, otherwise they would have gotten 9 to 5 jobs. They are creative and open to new ideas. I found I was welcome there. I didn’t talk much in the beginning but went to everything I was invited to to get to know people and them to get to know me.

The purpose of going to these is not to sell them something, it’s to get to know them, hang with them, get social with them, and ask them if they know people that can use their services.

I attended these regularly once a week in 4 different locations (you can find them by looking up online: a national organization that has this type of networking is eWomen network. It’s not just women. )

You can also find local places that you can speak at: often the networking group will give you a short time to introduce yourself. A chiropractor’s office, a healing center

Now that you have your stories and testimonials, this can be the content of your talks and then give them ways to connect with you. You can offer a free gift during your talk (such as a free reading or healing session.) This allows you to ethically collect their contact information so you can follow up.

These are just a few of the hundreds of tips I have.

What was your favorite and what would you like to hear more of? Do you have something you do that works? Write to me at contact@healersu.com.

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Tune in next week, where I’ll talk about creating a supportive workspace that allows abundance to flow in.

Thank you for tuning in. Until next time, I’m Dr. Anastasia Chopelas, sending you golden healing light on your journey to success, whether it’s in your health, your wealth and your relationships.



Anastasia Chopelas

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